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World Sex Tweets are articles from around the world that contains unique stories about sexuality from around the world. This is a sapiosexual resource to inspire and educate sex workers and ethical erotic entrepreneurs!

The more you learn about the world of sexuality the more you will see the areas of sexual dysfunction that can be addressed through ethical erotic entrepreneurship!

SexualEqualism @SexualEqualism
Ethical Eropreneur  @SexualEqualism
A unique way to work with Sex & Politics in an ethical yet provocative way in Trump's America! 
Ethical Eropreneur  @SexualEqualism
Free the Nipple! An American male judge rules it is unfair to treat a women's breast as a crime while a man's isn't! 
Ethical Eropreneur  @SexualEqualism
Polyamorous in Portland: the city making open relationships easy: 
Ethical Eropreneur  @SexualEqualism
'Our Olympic Message': Brazilian Women Protest the Country's Sexual Violence: 
Ethical Eropreneur  @SexualEqualism
Teens Don't Want to Have Sex Because They're Bad at It: 
Ethical Eropreneur  @SexualEqualism
50 Shades of God: The Evangelical Christians into Kinky Sex. 

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