Sex Fund Me!

A crowdfunding start up for sex positive companies, personal fantasies as well as sexual healing!

Sensual and Monetary Abundance!

Sensual Abundance - Yoga Tree Pose

Sexuality is the most taboo of subjects that can be discussed in most countries of the world. Yet the fantasies and dark realities of its effects on humanity cannot be ignored.

SexFundMe will address sexuality's pleasurable and dark sides in a practical way that offers people all over the world a way to be realize their erotic dreams be they personal or commercial, or to escape whatever sexual abuse they are suffering from.

Our working title for the idea is called SexFundMe! As with the fund raising site GoFundMe, which funds small business or personal projects, the idea is to crowd fund fantasies that are sensual and positive or that address a personal or societal dysfunction that sadly, often occurs when sex is added to many human activities as we describe in Sexually Incorrect.

Sex Positive Funding Examples

ideas and fantasies that people have from around the world that they are unable to realize because of a lack of funds. They could be ethical erotic businesses or ideas that are more personal!

  • "I would like to fund the setup of my first gang bang with ethical partners to play with!".
  • I live in Oregon where marijuana is legal and I have an idea for creating a marijuana based aphrodisiac. I need funding!
  • I'm a woman who dreams of going to a sex club in Paris for a week!
  • I'm a woman trapped in a man's body and i would like to receive funding to change my gender.

Sex Negative Funding Examples

The site would also allow participants to seek funds to address personal problems of individuals experiencing the negative sides of sexuality in the world. Could be an ethical sex business that addresses a sexual dysfunction or a personal trauma.

  • I'm a female wanting to escape Female Genital Mutilation.
  • Please help to fund the asylum application of a female in a Muslim country who needs to escape from an 'Honor Killing',
  • I'm a woman needing PTSD therapy to recover from rape

The SexFundMe crowdfunding project would be an ethical erotic business that helps people to fulfill their sensual dreams or escape sexual nightmares. With dysfunctional sexuality the root of so many problems in humanity this project would have the potential to reach every citizens of every country including the most conservative in the world.

SexFundMe is based on 2 concept of human behavior:

  • 'Compersion': taking pleasure in the pleasure of another. Usually compersion applies to those in non-monogamous relationships. However, when it comes to sexuality, compersion can travel across borders and cultures!
  • Sexual guilt! Most people enjoy sex and often feel guilty at the same time! Funding another person's sexuality is a way of assuaging that guilt!

We would use a similar coding infrastructure as traditional crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter and GoFundMe. However, there would be additional safeguards and other features to reflect the adult nature of the site.

We are seeking funding of $500,000 for a 10% share in SexFundMe. Investors and programmers who would be interested in participating in this project please contact us by email.